Membership quota has been reached and membership is currently closed.
Members MUST have their membership card and gate card key on their person AT ALL TIMES when on the range property.  The range is on Federal property, and not being able to prove that you are a member of GGC if asked by a security guard may result in prosecution for armed trespassing on Federal property.
Club meetings are at 7:00pm at the Gallatin Electric Company on the second Monday of each month.  Newsletters will normally be posted here by the Wednesday following the meeting.



The rifle/pistol range is for GGC members, their immediate family (same household), and guests only. Each guest is limited to two visits per year. Range is open during daylight hours only.

The first person on the range shall assume the duty of Range Officer (RO) until the RO, a Board Member, or the Chairman presiding over the match is present. Membership and TVA cards shall be worn at all times while on TVA property.

This is a COLD RANGE. All firearms shall be unloaded until they are on the line and all shooters acknowledge the range is “HOT”. All firearms carried to and from the shooting area shall be either cased, holstered, or with the action open.

All firearms shall be pointed downrange or in the gun racks while in the shooting area. The action of firearms must be open when not in use.


The range is divided into Bench rest (left half: concrete benches) and Off-hand/prone (right half: gravel area). ALL wood benches in the bench rest and off-hand/prone areas are for GEAR ONLY. DO NOT SHOOT OFF THE WOOD BENCHES. All muzzles must be in line with the front posts of the rifle/pistol shed when shooting.

Members shall “CLEAR” the firing line with ALL shooters before going downrange. ALL FIRING STOPS, ACTIONS MUST BE OPEN and FIREARMS SHALL NOT BE HANDLED, including setting up and packing up to leave. After ALL shooters return from downrange, they shall acknowledge with ALL shooters present that the range is “HOT” before firing can continue.

The range has 25, 50 100, 200, and 300yd berms. No targets are permitted past 300 yds.

Members are responsible for bringing their own target stands and targets for practice. Do not use rocks or blocks to hold down target frames. Metal targets shall not be shot any closer than 100 yds. (Exceptions: 22 rimfire spinners and targets during a sanctioned match may be placed as close as 25 yds.) Police your targets, bowling pens, brass, boxes, etc. before leaving the range. Do not shoot bottles, rocks, blocks etc. Keep the range clean for mowing and the use of others. Please empty trash cans in the dumpster.

The Bianchi Plates are for all members. They are for HANDGUNS ONLY. NO RIFLES (or rifle conversions), NO SHOTGUNS, and NO MAGNUM handgun rounds. Plates shall not be shot any closer than 25 yds and must be shot directly in front of the plates, not at an angle. EYE PROTECTION IS IMPORTANT because we do have ricochets and lead splatter coming back to the shed area.

No fully automatic weapons or “bump-firing” allowed. No tracers or any other incendiaries are allowed because of the risk of fire.

No armor piercing rounds or steel core rounds allowed shooting steel plates (gongs). It is the member’s responsibility to make sure their rounds are not damaging the steel plates. Maximum cartridge is 338 Win mag. Members are required to pay for damaged plates if shot with AP rounds or cartridges exceeding the maximum.

Be aware of deer, turkey, and other animals on the range and ceasefire when they are present. The range property is managed by TWRA.

The TVA range across the gravel access road is off limits. DO NOT TRESPASS.


CLUB PHONE: 615-517-5413


Report any suspicious or unusual activity to TVA Security: 24/7 Comm. 800-824-3861, Local Guard Shack 615-230-4222.

Security will be checking individuals while at the range. To be on the range legally, you must wear your membership and TVA card, have scanned your TVA gate card entering the gate, and have a photo ID with you. Make sure your address on the club roster matches the address on your ID. Members address and phone number must be kept current with the club. Report a lost or stolen TVA gate card immediately.

All members shall scan their TVA gate card before entering the range. If there is more than one member in a car, all members entering shall scan their cards. If another vehicle enters the gate ahead of you and the gate is already open, stop and scan your card. You do not have to wait for the gate to close. Your gate card shall not be loaned to anyone including family members.

Unless following the above, you are trespassing armed on federal property. Violations are subject to trespassing citation and/or arrest. Firearms will be confiscated! Court decides if you get them back.

Updated: 06/12

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