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Gallatin Gun Club is not a public range, it is for members and their guests only.

TVA has terminated the lease with Gallatin Gun Club.  We have received a further extension of the lease however the range will close permanently on April 14, 2017.  We are looking for land to built a new range.  See the October 2016 Newsletter listed on this web site for details.

Update - February 14, 2017 - TVA has granted a 60 day extension so we now have use of the club through April 14, 2017.  THE RANGE IS **ONLY** OPEN ON WEEKENDS AND IS **CLOSED** DURING THE WEEK.  Since it is only open on weekends there will be **NO** scheduled matches during the extension and the range will be open to members on Saturday and Sunday through April 14, 2017.

To get on the waiting list to join the club, contact Shawn at shawndorris@comcast.net.  We will be signing up new members as soon as we have a plan for the new range.

2017 Dues: Total for annual dues for 2017 is $200.  Mail your dues to Gallatin Gun Club PO Box 593 Gallatin TN 37066.  If you have already paid $50 send the $150 assessment.  See the newsletter for more details.

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